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My name is Nick Shrewsbury. In 2012, I designed a simple and effective dog training approach after a year of working with wolves at Mission:Wolf Sanctuary and a year of training sled dogs with the Pulling Together youth dogsledding program.

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North by East Dog Training, founded in 2012, was created to share the straightforward methods I learned from the wolves and sled dogs. Five years of dog training has shaped these methods into intuitive strategies for leadership and healthy communication, which include a step by step process to "healthy no's" (a.k.a. setting boundaries), troubleshooting problem behaviors, creating play, and healing emotional trauma.

Many behavior problems can be resolved or significantly reduced in two weeks. 

That may sound like hyperbole, but it is just a simple truth. Most people living with dogs reinforce "bad behavior" with simple and easily changed miscommunications. With a little background knowledge and strategy, people can often make lasting changes in extremely short time spans. That said, this approach moves at the speed each unique dog is comfortable with, rather than a human timeline. 

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My goal is to train each client in my comprehensive approach. This is human training as much as dog training. Training sessions are individual (and usually in-home) so we can address all the issues that are arising. In this style, the client becomes the dog trainer, able to resolve problem behaviors, build healthy relationships, and deal with future issues. Expect to have to change some of your habits!

In my free consultation, you have the opportunity to explain your experience and listen to the way I would approach working with you. This way YOU get to determine if North by East is a good fit. 

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People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.
— Theodore Roosevelt