Welcome to North by East Dog Training

My name is Nick Shrewsbury. North by East Dog Training is based on my years of work with wolves, sled dogs, and dog/human clients. 

I specialize in working with puppies and dealing with problem behaviors like nipping, barking, and aggression. I also have significant experience working with anxiety.

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A few facts about me:

  • I trained a team of eight sled dogs that placed eighth (of thirty) in the international Can/Am 30-mile race. 

  • I have guided hundreds of people to get sniffed, licked, and touched by a pack of wolves. 

  • I have socialized young rescued wolves (that had to live in captivity) so they trust people.

  • I teach clients to solve a problem behavior using a healthy no, while increasing connection and mutual understanding.

I have two 60lb sibling dogs that have been jumping and barking. With two sessions with Nick my grandsons can come in my house without being knocked over. I have done multiple trainings for two years and this has worked the best.
— Diana Whitzell Spofford

Mission:Wolf and Mushing Gallery

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I want each client to reach the greatest levels of connection with their dog. 

In my free consultation, you have the opportunity to explain your experiences and get my perspective.