Welcome to North by East Dog Training

My name is Nick Shrewsbury. North by East Dog Training is based on my passion for understanding animal connection and communication. It is developed from years of work with wolves, sled dogs, human mentors, and clients. 

I believe dog-trainers should guarantee significant change.

I charge flat rates to solve specific problems, set a maximum number of sessions, and offer a 100% money back guarantee if we do not succeed together.  

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A few facts about me:

  • I believe connection, communication, and mutual understanding are the foundations of dog "training."
  • I trained a team of eight sled dogs that placed eighth in the international Can/Am 30-mile race. 

  • I have guided hundreds of people to get sniffed, licked, and touched by a pack of wolves. 

  • I have socialized young rescued wolves (that had to live in captivity) so they trust people.

  • I can usually help clients solve a problem behavior within two sessions, while increasing connection and mutual understanding.

I have two 60lb sibling dogs that have been jumping and barking. With two sessions with Nick my grandsons can come in my house without being knocked over. I have done multiple trainings for two years and this has worked the best.
— Diana Whitzell Spofford

Mission:Wolf and Mushing Gallery

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I want each client to reach the greatest levels of connection with their dog. 

In my free consultation, you have the opportunity to explain your experiences and get my perspective.