North by East Dog Training Process

In the free consultation, Nick will outline how he would approach working with you and your dog(s). This is an opportunity for you to get some insight into North by East ideas and approaches. 

The work takes place in hour-long sessions. Two sessions is often enough to give clients the skills to solve their problems, but the work will continue until the problem is solved. Often North by East will work intermittently with clients, so they have time to integrate what they learn. 

After the initial sessions, there is often a three month follow-up session to cement what has been learned and address any lingering issues. 

You Walk Away With Skills

Within two sessions, every North by East Training client learns the foundations of dog psychology, body-language, and leadership. The client also learns to understand what is reasonable to ask of a dog, as well as the Training ARC™, North by East's flexible framework for disciplining problem behaviors.

In the sessions Nick will go out and practice the training process with you. Nick will help you to identify challenging areas, so he can help you create change through demonstrations and discussion. You will move through “failure” (learning opportunities) and success together to craft the leadership skills you need. 

The North by East process is successful because it is simple and intuitive. All of our clients have been able to grasp and apply it within one session. Because they are implementing their own skills, they see LASTING change with their dog.

It takes practice to learn how to apply these techniques in a skillful fashion. Clients do not become dog-training masters overnight. We find that two sessions is usually enough to help clients gain foundational tools to solve their main problems. Many choose to have follow-up sessions after a month and three months. The follow-up sessions help to tune-up any areas the client may have slipped and dive deeper into disciplining nuance, to set the individual on a good path for life with their dog. 

Nick is fully supportive with EACH of his clients. Each person gets his cell phone and can contact him (within reason) for quick troubleshooting. He loves this work and wants to be sure your process is as easy and fun as possible.