north paw training

"I believe Nick could be the future of dog training. He is evolving beyond aggression and domination as ways of treating animals: abuse that many people view as commonplace and continue to use to this day. And that is remarkable! He is sensitive and intuitive, gentle and loving with animals. And animals love him!"  

Tracy Ane Brooks, Co-founder and President of Mission:Wolf, Author of A Walk In Connection


"Nick is extremely perceptive and tuned in to animal behavior. He has a gentle, yet firm approach to managing behavior. In three meetings, he trained my husband, our dog walker, and myself to heal our dog's (Zeke) aggression and anxiety with other dogs. We saw immediate improvement. Nick has a way of cutting straight through to the most important factors in the training and implementing whichever training methods he thinks are appropriate for the behaviors he's targeting. Nick has a great blend of gentle demeanor and no-nonsense action."

Carla Ashton-Cohen, Cambridge, MA


"It is my pleasure to recommend Nick Shrewsbury, who gave a dog training presentation to over 100 people at the Guilford Free Library. Nick was personable, knowledgeable, and described his collaborative method of canine communication as a pathway for relationship growth. His audience appreciated his insights into true leadership in the human and canine worlds, reading body language, and resolving issues such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, and aggression. Nick responded with humor and patience to all questions and was a delight to work with. He did an excellent job weaving training lessons into his stories of wolves and sled dogs. We would love to have him back in Guilford."

Patricia Baldwin

Assistant Director, Guilford Free Library, Guilford, CT


"Nick's guidance has been a tremendous help to us in training our aggressive young Golden, Cuddi - his knowledge of canine behavior combined with his compassion and understanding of what's going on inside a dog's head have provided us with examples and useful tools for shaping Cuddi's behavior. Nick demonstrated the importance of leadership and patience in establishing a trusting relationship that includes healthy boundaries and play. Our family has found these practices to be valuable in continually nurturing the unique bond with our pup that makes the human/dog relationship so special."

Jane Pappas, Boxford, MA