North by East Canine Presentations

Nick has two talk options based on his experiences with wolves and sled dogs. Each talk is an hour long, includes a slideshow, and ends with half an hour for specific Q/A (1.5 hours total). 

Dog Training 101 Talk

This talk is aimed toward adult audiences. It gives participants a set of tools to solve challenges like barking, jumping, and anxiety. The talk weaves an understanding of canine psychology, body language, and canine leadership in with Nick's personal stories of living with wolves and racing with sled dogs. 

Click here to see the flyer for the first talk, "The Way of the Dog- The Way of the Leader."

Wolves, Dogs, and Humans Talk

This talk is a storytelling slideshow of Nick's experiences at Mission:Wolf. It includes insight into the ecology, biology, politics, and personalities of wolves, as well as personal stories and images of the wolves he lived with.  This slideshow and storytelling talk is suitable for older children and adults. 

Click here to see the flyer for the second talk, "Wolves, Dogs, and Humans."

Nick has done both of these talks for libraries, town halls, and non-profit groups. References available on request. See our Testimonials for information on Nick's talk at the Guilford Free Library to over 100 people.